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Gia Henderson

Account Director

Practicing since 2009 Gia is a believer of Bikram Yoga, by practice and observation. “Truthfully, It took me three years of coaxing from a friend to enter the hot room. Like most, after my first class I said, “What took me so long!”.
From my first class I was able to notice a significant difference in my mind, body and soul. I felt connected, limber and receptive. I knew after my first class I wanted to share the yoga and become a teacher. The Hatha Yoga Asanas/ principles combined with the heat and humidity are the dynamic elements and sequence that allows for expansion and self realization. Through Bikram Yoga I have learned, faith, self control, concentration, patience, and determination. As a teacher I can pass on the teachings and assist students on their journeys.
Bikram Yoga is the healing prescription. When you show up on your mat you are revitalized, energized and balanced from head to toe, bones to skin. Where else in the world can this happen? No other exercise rebuilds the body like Yoga does.
I feel grateful to share the yoga and it’s centuries old teachings. I love sharing and knowing each day we practice and grow as individuals and in community.


Gia Henderson
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